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1975 - Computing and Programming, Hewlett-Packard Calculators
1980 - Radio Shack Color Computer (6809E), Comic Book Database
1982 - IBM PC (AT&T 6300), MS/PC-DOS, PFS Write, PC-File shareware
1985 - Telecommunications, Bulletin Board Systems (BBS), GEM GUI
1987 - Building Customized PC Systems, Hardware Optimizations
1988 - Product Development, PC Technical Support, Windows 2.0/286/386
1990 - Networks, Multimedia Development and Training, ICCP Certified ACP
1994 - Windows 95, World Wide Web and the Internet, STRELECKI.COM
1996 - Website Production (HTML), Windows Beta Testing (Win95 OSR2)
1997 - Windows 98 Beta Testing
1998 - Windows 2000, Windows 98SE, Internet Security, Firewalls
1999 - Windows ME Beta Testing, LAN Security, DSL and Broadband
2000 - Windows XP Beta Testing, Dreamweaver 3 and 4, UltraDev
2002 - Network Setup, Configuration and Administration, Digital Video
2003 - Linux, Video Transcoding, DivX, XviD, MPEG-4, H.264
2004 - Redesigned Software Utility Belt, Refined Windows Installs with nLITE
2005 - Back in School (Lanier Tech) for Degree in Cisco Networking
2006 - Dreamweaver 7 (MX 2004) making websites better
2007 - Linux, Linux, Linux - Desktop, Laptop, Servers, Everywhere
2009 - Ubuntu LiveCD as Windows Rescue Tool
2010 - Windows 7, WinBuilder, and Bootable USB Flashdrives for Installs/Rescues
2011 - Windows 8, Fortune 500 Message Archiving Technical Support
2012 - Updated, Customized and Secured Windows 7/8 Installers with WinToolkit
2013 - Making Windows XP, 7 and 8 More Secure and Reliable Than Ever!
2014 - Celebrating TWENTY YEARS on the Internet
2015 - 40 Years of Computing and Programming

I support Microsoft Windows Operating Systems because I know how to make them Go. I'm building my own fully updated, highly tweaked and customized Windows installation CD/DVDs using tools like WinToolkit and nLite. I am also gaining more experience with Ubuntu Linux. Did you know the Ubuntu Live CD can help you rescue data from an unbootable Windows PC?

LAST UPDATED ON February 21, 2016.

Welcome to STRELECKI.COM and to my very own domain here on the World Wide Web! My goal here is to provide a highly usable and continuously-updated and expanded roster of links and resources for the active developer and power user. In short, I will make this site a place where all types of technical support can be found, including links for modern versions of Microsoft Windows.


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Why do you need a bare metal clean install of Windows on your computer?

If your desktop or laptop PC is one year old or more, it may be suffering slowdowns, freeze-ups, spyware or virus infections, Trojan Horse compromises, system crashes or bluescreens of death. These ailments are caused by a wide variety of issues, but, in general, a completely fresh (clean) installation of Windows WILL make that system run even BETTER than when it was new. Here's why:

PCs purchased at retail are loaded with extra software - trialware, demoware and "shovelware" - stuff you will not likely ever use. Much of it loads up every time you startup the computer and runs invisibly in the background, sapping precious memory and processor resources. Retail PCs are not updated with the latest service packs (typically) and all security patches and upgrades. They MAY have a limited anti-virus program running, but few if any have software firewalls, browser protections, script blockers, anti-spyware, system cleanup, or any kind of general malware protection. That's a fact of life in the PC business.

This means that a typical unsecured, non-updated, unpatched computer WILL become compromised/infected the very first day it's connected to the Internet, sometimes within just a few short minutes! Hey, the Web is a jungle, it's the wild west where outlaws operate uncontained and unrestrained, and you gotta be secure and protected against the tidal wave of crap that is everywhere out there.

It's a simple thing to do: wipe the hard drive with a complete reformat, install a SECURED and UPDATED copy of Windows that has been tweaked to minimize its vulnerabilities and maximize its performance. Install the latest and greatest hardware device drivers for best operation and stability. Install a secure web browser (Firefox and several extensions) and secure email client (Thunderbird), along with several other field-tested and battle-proven applications. Then inoculate the system to protect it from the bad stuff, defrag the hard drive and spend some time testing everything. Only THEN can you go online and be safe and protected. Trust me, I've been there many times over the years.

I've setup laptops that bootup in less than twenty seconds (really!), and desktop systems that are ready to go in thirty. I can't guarantee these numbers for older hardware, but I can tell you that a clean, secure, optimized installation of Windows, along with a balanced set of security software that includes using Firefox for your web browser and Thunderbird as an email client, can and will make your computer run better, faster, longer and more reliably than it ever has before. Period, end of quote.

I've been doing custom installs on PCs since the early 1990's, with custom secured, high performance, long lasting Windows setups. I KNOW how to make your old (and new) hardware run faster and better, because I won't install all that retail crapware that slows you down and hogs hard drive space. It's mostly trial stuff anyway and will bug you incessantly to pay more money for the full versions. WHO NEEDS THAT?? I'll install the latest updates, patches, fixes and service packs, all locked down and optimized to run at blazing speed. I will download all the latest drivers so your hardware works as well as possible, and I test networking, video and sound to be certain I did it right.

Caveat - you can't get lightning in a bottle, and sometimes you might NEED small hardware upgrades to make your system realize its full throughput potential. If your XP-based computer has only 256 MB RAM, that will limit you - A LOT. 1 GB is a MUCH better place to start, and 2-3 GB RAM will make XP run like the wind. Newer versions of Windows (7 and 8) like to start around 2GB, with 4-8GB a real sweet spot for performance. And newer systems are 64-bit so they can support more than 4GB RAM. LOTS more!

Hard drives also affect how fast you can go - generally speaking, the larger the hard drive, the faster it works. 7200 RPM drives work better than 5400 RPM or 4200 RPM drives, and of course, newer drives work better than older ones. They are mechanical and they do wear out over time, naturally. SATA beats PATA, SSDs are way, WAY faster than HDDs, and 16-32 MB caches (or more) make things work even faster.

I've done these custom setups a thousand times, and they ALL WORKED BETTER FOR FAR LONGER WITH FEWER PROBLEMS. Get rid of all that useless crapware installed on retail PCs, all the latest Windows updates and service packs slipstreamed into a customized Windows setup disk with higher performance and more secure default settings, best choice device drivers, anti-virus and system security software, better browser and email clients with secure add-ins, hard drive defragmentation, boot-time optimization, BIOS tweaking, cooling fan cleaning, and a general physical inspection are what you NEED to get the most from your technology investment. I've been doing that long enough to GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.

Bare Metal Clean Installs are just the tip of the iceberg.

I can help you with LOTS of other stuff, like data rescue from unbootable systems, backups, data conversions, network design, setup and security, user training and documentation, Internet connectivity, information research, technical writing, editing and proofreading, digital media editing (audio, video, photos, etc.), trojan, spyware, malware and/or virus cleanup, direct mailing with mailmerge, website setup and hosting, maintenance and domain registration, remote PC access, printer setup, and much more. I will be YOUR personal technology consultant to help you AND YOUR BUSINESS move up to the next level of productivity. More choices make for a better world. I will help you Make It Go!

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